Looks like Tom Sidell has made a genuine apology and deleted all offending/related tweets, so that’s good. Makes me feel a lot better about people learning to not be offensive in general.



the only reason your art looks awful to you is because you had an image in your head and the art you created doesnt match it

other people have no image, so when presented with the art you created, they’re usually pretty impressed, because wow you made that out of nothing!! its so cool!!

so next time you want to judge your own art badly try to remember that you’re comparing it to the perfect picture you had in your head as opposed to recognizing that hey u made a thing out of nothing how cool is that

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hey, since my house doesn’t have a working one, i’m currently only able to shower by visiting the home of a guy my mom knows - a guy who likes to intimidate people by sexually harassing them, which makes me feel really unsafe + makes the experience extremely nerve-wracking, as a survivor.

is there anyone in san francisco who would let me come over and use their shower, even once a month or less? i can abstain from it usually, but i feel terrible going in to the hospital filthy, and i have a surgery in 2 days that is going to leave me with scars that need to be kept clean. i can bring + use my own shampoo, conditioner, soap, washcloth and towels. i don’t have any idea of the utility cost from taking a hot shower but if you do, i would be willing to pay that. i live in the mission, but i can try to get pretty much anywhere in the city - if you’re easily accessible by bus, that’s a huge bonus, since i don’t usually have any transportation.

i can try to be in and out of your place in less than an hour and a half. i am pretty scared of strangers so i won’t bother you at all. i’m really honest and i promise i won’t steal any of your shit. i just need somewhere to get clean!

it’s fine to signal boost this, and if you think you can help me you can get in touch with me either by dropping something in my submit or emailing me at amazingdenzel {@} thank you!

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mainstream culture has become so desensitized to swearing that we might as well start being more creative with our curses

telling someone to fuck off doesn’t mean anything these days, but you tell someone to go shag a cactus? that’s an insult they won’t forget for a while

“Introverts don’t get lonely if they don’t socialize with a lot of people, but we do get lonely if we don’t have intimate interactions on a regular basis.” Sophia Dembling, The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World (via cold-winter-days)

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The actual smell of rain comes from plants. When plants are in drought they produce oils in replacement for waters. When the time comes and it finally starts raining the plants get their needed water and they release these oils in the air and the smell of that oil is what we call smell of rain

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The 5 things you gotta know before you let that cop into your house


The 5 things you gotta know before you let that cop into your house




THIS STUFF IS SOOO IMPORTANT TO KNOW.  Seriously.  It’s saved my ass before.

What do you do when you look through the peephole and see a badge?

  1. Remember: You do not have to let the police in the house unless they have a warrant — or probable cause. If you’re having a party, turn off the music, ask your guests to chill, and ask that anyone who’s too intoxicated carry on in another room.
  2. Go outside to speak with the cops. Close the door behind you. Although some scary precedents are being set these days, police cannot enter your home without a warrant or probable cause. By closing the door, you’re cutting off a visual — or olfactory — line to potential probable cause.
  3. Be polite. Ask why they are there. “Good evening, Officer. What can I help you with?”
  4. Where possible, assure them you will take care of the problem. If the police ask to enter, inform them, “I do not consent to any searches.” If a police officer gives you an order and you are confused about your position, ask, “Do I have to comply?” If they continue with questioning, tell them you’ll need to call your lawyer and that you will not answer any questions.
  5. Ask, “Am I free to leave?” This is especially handy if, say, a group of you’d been too bawdy on the patio and an officer stops by. If he/she is getting a bit hot under the collar, politely ask, “Am I being detained?” or “Am I free to leave?” If the cop has no reason to hold you, quickly, quietly, and politely retreat inside.

The POC’s Bill of Rights when it comes to the Police. Remember. These are your rights. 

FLEXYOURRIGHTS.ORG is one of the most informational websites. The videos are extremely enlightening.

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my grandpa used to water the plants every week and there was a lil frog that would come out and croak until my grandpa sprinkled some water on him and he loved that frog so much

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Everyone has ideas. The potential to be creative is within all of us and together we can create something truly amazing!

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Please don’t delete this text and no giveaway blogs, ok?

Ok, let’s do this. We look forward to writing with you!

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